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Tuesday 5 October 2010

All remaining suit jackets have been upgraded

SuitJacketPinstriped.jpg SuitJacketWhite.jpg SuitJacketBlue.jpg

The pinstriped, white and blue suit jackets all now share the roomier fit and other improvements of the hooped jacket. Any customers who own one of these jackets, if you have not already seen a message from me, are asked to get in touch so that I can arrange to pass you your new jacket.

Saturday 2 October 2010

An upgraded suit jacket (and a mea culpa)


I've just released Mk II of the jacket for the hooped suit I released a few days ago. This is essentially a correction; I found that no matter what steps I took inworld to minimise glitching, there was just too much, and so there was nothing else for it but to release a new version of the jacket with a slightly roomier fit around the shoulders and elbows. There is always some compromise to be made with clothing, and in this case I just went too far with the tailored fit. That problem, however, is now solved, and I have contacted all customers who bought this jacket to arrange their upgrade. Furthermore, corrected versions of all the other jackets in the range will be available next week, and customers of those will be equally entitled to the upgrade. I apologise for the inconvenience.

And good news: the jacket is improved in ways other than fit. The pockets are better defined. The lapels are sharper. There is more symmetry in the overall design. The seams are better drawn. The silhouette is smoother, and the buttoning is now the more traditional left-over-right. Of course, if you prefer the earlier version, you will always now have the choice.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Double-breasted white suit


If your vanity has a touch of the bonfire about it, you might like to don the new white suit - double-breasted, tailored, and with pleated trousers.


Of course, if the full 'Tom Wolfe' look is what you are after, these items might be the right stuff to add:

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Contemporary business suits

Jacket_hooped.jpg Jacket_blue.jpg Jacket_pinstriped.jpg

Here I have taken an excursion into contemporary fashion, with a small range of business suits. This is in response to the evident increase in interest in Blue Mars among the more serious corporate and education sectors. It has been refreshing to exercise a bit of artistic license and to throw off the fetters of historical accuracy. Indeed, with these suits I have done things just a little differently. While double-breasted, the suits have four buttons instead of the more common six, one has horizontal stripes, and the way they button at the front and the cuffs is quite unusual. I am therefore pretty confident that within the limited sartorial repertoire of the business crowd, wearers of these suits will stand out.

Trousers_hooped.jpg Trousers_blue.jpg Trousers_pinstriped.jpg