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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Regency tailcoats - and outfits

Regency_Preview__11_.jpg Regency_Preview__12_.jpg

Here's the Regency gentleman's tailcoat in midnight blue, and a soldier's version in red, too.

The gentleman's coat has a velvety finish, with a high black collar. The coat is double-breasted, with cloth-covered buttons. The tails of the coat are in a swallow-tail style and divided down the middle, the sleeves are puffed at the shoulder and rather tight at the wrist. Under the coat is a buff-coloured waistcoat, beneath that is a white shirt, and around the neck is a white neckcloth tied in the Irish style, perhaps. This ensemble combines very well with the Regency breeches in buckskin, and the brown Hessian boots. As soon as hats and gloves are feasible in Blue Mars, I shall be adding them to the range.

The second tailcoat to be released today is the same in cut, but there are a few key differences. The most obvious is colour, as this coat is in a suitably martial red. The buttons are brass, the coat cuffs are black to match the collar. The waistcoat is similar in colour to that of the gentleman's outfit, as is the shirt, but the neckcloth is black, as favoured by soldiers of the era. This coat combines well with the Military breeches with side stripe, and the black Hessian boots. This outfit would look well with a chapeau de bras - so there is something to look out for.

At the moment, the gentleman's outfit is on display. Due to current space limitations, I cannot also show the soldier's outfit, but I shall be swapping them around fairly regularly.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

A Blue Mars first: men's hair

I'm delighted to be the first independent developer to bring men's hair into Blue Mars. I call this Regency Male Hair. The style is that favoured during Regency times (and also in the 1980s and the last few years, too). The hair is fairly short at the back, heavy at the front, and curling forward around the frame of the face. I understand that in the 19th Century it had been modelled on notions of the hair styles of the ancient Romans. The other striking feature of this style is that the sideburns are lush and long. It is a classic, and I hope that it becomes lastingly popular in Blue Mars.

HairRegencyLightBrown.jpg HairRegencyAuburn.jpg HairRegencyDarkBrown.jpg HairRegencyBlack.jpg

The style is available in four colours: light brown, auburn, dark brown, and black. All four are now on display in Shop No 1 in Beach City.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Military breeches

When I branch out into uniforms, I will certainly be incorporating military-style breeches. Indeed, here is the first example, which can serve in both military and civilian ensembles.


Originally, these were soldier's breeches for wear with boots. These are drop-front breeches, with buttons at the knee, fly, drop-front, and waistband (for braces). The are coloured black, with a bluish tint, have a red side stripe, and are laced at the back. Note that the red side stripe became popular with civilians, just as did the boots.


Friday 30 April 2010

Hessian boots for the Regency look

The Hessian boot is one of several garments that made a transition from military to civilian wear, and they are therefore suitable for both uniforms and gentlemen's daily wear. They became very popular during the Regency period and led to both the cowboy boot, famed in America, and the Wellington boot, a variation popularised by Wellington himself.

The heel is low, and the toes are soft, not stiffened with a shaped toecap. The leather is cut generously around the ankles, allowing plenty of flexibility, and also producing the characteristic folded effect. As a result of these features, the boots have a comfortable appearance, yet remain striking. They were made in a range of heights, reaching to just below the knee (as in the case of these designs) or only to just over mid-calf. The tops were cut in curves, and finished with braid and distinctive front tassles.

Hessians_City_Black Hessians_City_Brown Hessians_Country_Brown

I have created three different styles. The first is black, finished in a smooth and highly polished leather, and quite ideal for wear in town. The second is brown, has a slightly rougher finish, but is still highly polished, and would be suitable for a country gentleman. The third is in worn brown leather, of low sheen, and would be appropriate for a local squire, a steampunk more fascinated with his gadgetrty that his grooming, perhaps, or a hard-bitten soldier, not long from the battlefield.

As with most high boots in virtual worlds, wearers must take care over how they combine clothing. Normal trousers will neither drape over boots nor fit inside them. I therefore recommend that wearers of these Hessians combine them with breeches instead. Find them in Beach City, shops 1 and 2.

Regency breeches

Up until about 200 years ago, men wore breeches instead of trousers. They were worn with stockings, and were ideal in combination with high boots. Today their use is limited to highly formal events and riding.

Breeches_front Breeches_rear
Here is the first pair of breeches I have made for Blue Mars. They have a buckskin texture, a buttoned drop-front, tortoiseshell buttons at the knees, the fly, and on the waistband for use with braces. There are no seams on the inside leg, as a means of avoiding chafing while riding. These make an ideal combination with my Hessian boots.

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