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Thursday 27 January 2011

Gentleman's Walking Cane


A walking cane for the slightly risque gentleman. This cane is in ebony and brass, and features a cast brass handle moulded for the gentleman's delectation in the comely figure of Venus. What better companion for the man of Mars?

Thursday 4 November 2010

All coats have been upgraded

Avatar Reality released a new cage last week, one which is for long coats for men. This significantly improves the mesh deformation of coats, and I have therefore remade all my coats to take advantage of this.

Coat_Soldier.jpg Coat_Gentleman.jpg

This includes both Regency-style coats.

Coat_Frockcoat.jpg Coat_evening_wear.jpg

Both morning wear and evening wear coats have been upgraded, too.


As has the Australian-style riding coat.

Sunday 26 September 2010

Gloves and gauntlets

BrownGloves.jpg BlackGloves.jpg

These new gentlemen's brown and black gloves are similar to the evening wear gloves and Regency kid gloves that I released in July.


The new large white military riding gauntlets have been on the drawing board for even longer, but it was only the advent of the new valet system for adjusting Blue Mars clothing that made them usable. It is now possible to decide whether gloves are worn under or over the sleeves of a jacket. In the case of gauntlets, they must obviously be worn over the jacket, and wearers should therefore take care to place them below their jacket in the clothing hierarchy.

I have updated my Suggested Combinations to reflect these new accessories.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Regency shirt

The quest for the clean white shirt may well be over.


For all gentlemen who already have one or the other Regency-style breeches, here is something new to wear with them. This is a Regency-style shirt. It has a closed front (you pull it on over your head), ruffles at the neck, a very loose cut and (in a concession to Martian variation) an attached collar of the stand-up variety. So, regardless of whether you are interested in the Regency look, release your latent buccaneer! Nurture the inner bohemian!

One note of caution: this shirt is far too voluminous to wear under a jacket.

Friday 6 August 2010

A Chapeau de Bras for Blue Mars


"Chapeau de Bras", transliterated from French, means 'hat of arms'. I presume this arises from the fact that the design is collapsible and can be held under the arm, rather than that it was in origin a military hat.

The Chapeau is a Regency-era hat, and was popular among military gentlemen. The fact that the hat was collapsible also endeared it to civilians, who found it convenient to tuck the hat under one arm while attending the opera. In military form it could be flamboyantly decorated. This design has red and white ostrich plumes, a gold hatband, gold braid edging, and a red cockade. The cockade is held in place by a gold braid strap fixed by a gold button. More gold braid tumbles over the brim fore and aft. The body of the hat is black felt.

It goes without saying that this hat will work without glitching, with all my hair styles.

Friday 30 July 2010

Regency Kid Gloves

RegencyGlovesBack.jpg RegencyGlovesInside.jpg

These gloves are the last important addition to my Regency gentleman's outfit. The gloves are short, pleated on the back, and fixed with polished amber buttons. In Regency days, gloves were always worn when out and about. Gentlemen would remove them (and their hats) when visiting, but would continue to keep them in hand for the duration of the visit.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Hair upgraded, yet again

Black_Hair.jpg Dark_Brown_Hair.jpg Auburn_Hair.jpg Light_Brown_Hair.jpg

Blue Mars recently added a new shader specifically for hair. It took a little while to figure it out, but now that I have, I have applied it to my existing Regency hair styles. The result is a look that has a more realistic sheen. This, combined with better normal mapping and diffuse textures, has created the pomaded, Macassar oiled, look that was once rather popular. These hair styles will look quite different under varying lighting conditions, just as real hair does. For now, I am displaying the new hairstyles alongside the older ones, together in my shop in Caledonia. Should you own or buy one style, I will be happy to let you have the same colour in the other style for only ß50, the minimum I can charge.

All of these hairstyles, old and new, work with all of my hats, completely glitch-free on the standard avatar, thanks to Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

The "Ashbourne" Top Hat

Ashbourne_Mk_II_day.jpg Ashbourne_Mk_II_night.jpg

The Ashbourne top hat is described thus in the product description in Blue Mars:

"This is a classic top hat, neither conservative nor rakish, but perfect for evening wear, morning wear, and all periods from Regency to the present day."

The top hat has a history going back to the late 1700s, and is still worn today on most formal occasions. It has become identified with formality, and is an essential part of both morning and evening wear.

The most important point to note about this top hat is that, due to the application of Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator, it is perfectly compatible with all my hair styles. Gentlemen can be confident that wearing my hats and my hair styles together will ensure a proper appearance, free from any glitching.

My work on a top hat for Blue Mars started in May 2009. The top hat was my first project for Blue Mars, and was probably completed about October 2009, but its release has been unconscionably delayed by the late scheduling of the accessories cages in the Blue Mars cloth editor. It is therefore with something of a sigh of relief that I now place the Ashbourne on display. Visit Caledonia to see it and try it on; it's at the back of the shop.

Saturday 10 July 2010

Men's hairstyles have all been upgraded

HairRegencyLightBrown.jpg HairRegencyAuburn.jpg HairRegencyDarkBrown.jpg HairRegencyBlack.jpg

All four of my men's hairstyles have been upgraded, with a very specific and important goal in mind - compatibility with hats. Carefully avoiding the term 'hair replacement', I should point out that these are not new products, per se, but are most certainly intended as upgrades to previous versions. All I have done is make small changes so that the hair will not glitch with hats, and owners of these styles may not even notice the differences. Does this change indicate that hats may soon be in the shops? You might well think so!

It is a good time to outline my policy in regard to upgrades. If you own one of my products and you notice that the version number (I use a number system like this: Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, etc) of that item in the shop is higher than that of the item you own, you are entitled to an upgrade, and you are also free to keep the previous version too, just in case you like having the choice of both. At present I am unable to give free transfers, but if you contact me, I will arrange for a transfer of the latest version to you at the current minimum price of ß50. We will have to meet in my shop to do this.

In future, I hope that providing upgrades becomes an automatic process, and that it will be cost-free, but for now, in these days of beta, that remains a dream.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Helpful suggestions - a permanent reference

Evening_Preview__1_.jpg Frockcoat_Preview__1_.jpg Regency_Preview__11_.jpg Regency_Preview__12_.jpg

Would you appreciate some assistance sorting out which of the items in the shop go to make the outfits shown above? If so, I direct you to a new, permanent page available from the link Suggested Combinations under 'Notes' in the column on the right.

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