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Sunday 9 September 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...

This blog is the virtual shop window of my Blue Mars emporia, which are to be found in Caledonia and Beach City. In these shops you will find a selection of menswear both historical and contemporary, and many designs of ladies footwear. A small sample of the above are shown here:

Historical.jpg Contemporary.jpg Ladies.jpg

I also supply jewellery in the form of rings, weapons in the form of swords for both genders, ladies apparel, men's accessories, hair, items of furniture and decoration. The lady who wishes to exude a certain style, the gentleman who is particular about the authenticity and quality of his garb, the military gent, the louche habitue of clubs and the upright pillar of society should, one and all, feel that their needs are perfectly catered for at Mako Magellan's delightful and surprising establishments.

Saturday 8 January 2011

Burgundy Stiletto Court Shoes


Another in the popular range of ladies court shoes. This model has a slightly stronger texture on the upper, and has a black sole.

Friday 31 December 2010

A sword for the ladies

It seems that the Regency Court Sword I introduced recently has been drawing as much attention from the ladies as it has from the men, if not more. It is for that reason that I now offer a ladies version. It is to be found in the back window, near the ladies shoes. Note that the rather more mobile hips of the gentler sex may cause a bit more mesh interpenetration during walking.


Thursday 16 December 2010

A sapphire ring


Here is a ring featuring nine round brilliant cut sapphires, and two round brilliant cut diamonds. The sides of the ring are decorated with a scroll in white gold. The ring is set to be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. To find it, go to my shop in Caledonia, and approach the white pedestal nearest to the ladies riding coat, then look very carefully; the ring is above the pedestal. You will need to get your avatar close, get your camera closer still, and look upwards. It is there!

Friday 3 December 2010

An engagement ring

Ring-day.jpg ring-night.jpg ring-morning.jpg

Tired of virtual suitors? Looking for a way to deter their unwanted attentions? Well, it may or may not do the trick, but here is an platinum engagement ring, encrusted with eleven round brilliant-cut diamonds, and fitted to the third finger, left hand. The sides of the ring feature a leaf decoration in white gold. The ring is shown (left to right) in daylight, night and morning lighting.

The ring is available in my shop in Caledonia , though it might be hard to find, as it is so small. Go to the far end of the ladies' shoe display, and you will find it just to the right of the dark purple stilettos. Look carefully, it is there.

Finally, please make sure to wear this in the top clothing slot - otherwise it can show through your finger.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Australian-style riding coats, for men and women


Beginning in the late 1800s, coats like these were used on the cattle and sheep stations of Australia, by stockmen who spent days in the saddle, often in inclement weather, and they are still common in rural Australia today. They even enjoy a certain popularity among cityfolk, too. The coats are rain- and wind-proof oilskins, and seal up tight around the neck and wrists to keep out the wet and cold. They have a couple of features to suit riders: the tails actually strap to the legs to stop them being blown up and dragged back while riding, and the back is split right up to the base of the spine so that the coat hangs properly over both flanks of the horse.

GentsRidingCoat1.jpg GentsRidingCoat2.jpg

I've released both a male and a female version, and both are available in my shops in Caledonia.

LadiesRidingCoat2.jpg LadiesRidingCoat3.jpg LadiesRidingCoat4.jpg

Friday 10 September 2010

Emma Fortuny evening dress in darkest purple


This is an asymmetrical figure-hugging evening dress, so dark it almost looks black. But, if you are observant, you will see that over the deep, deep purple of this little dress green highlights flash on the tight Fortuny pleats. Available now, I am using this dress to decorate the window of my ladies shoe shop in Caledonia.

Thursday 12 August 2010

Ladies ruby red lace-up Victorian boots


While geometrically similar to the other two designs in this basic shape, these boots have a slightly worn look, created by modulating the specularity and adding some areas of soft discolouration. I am particularly happy with the materials of these boots.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Ladies! New boots in leather and canvas

CanvasLeather2.jpg CanvasLeather3.jpg

These boots are made in a style that was very widespread in Victorian times: a blend of leather and canvas uppers. I've styled these boots in natural leather and khaki canvas. The eyes and aglets are in brass, the laces are highly detailed. The boots are on display in my shop in Caledonia, The city has only just been updated, so there are new buildings to see, and more in the surrounding shops. It's a good time, therefore, for a shopping trip.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Ladies Victorian Lace-up Boots

I've been working for some time on this pair of boots and I am pleased to say that they have finally reached the shop. Visit Caledonia to see them first hand.

Victorian boot - side Victorian boot - top Victorian boot - front

It was very common for Victorian ladies boots to be made out of different materials, and a patent leather toe and heel cup was fairly common. I trust that connoisseurs will appreciate the detail of the eyes, the laces, the trim and the bow.

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