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Saturday 4 September 2010

Panama hat

Panama1.jpg Panama2.jpg

"Panama hats (which come from Ecuador, not Panama) are the first choice for summer or the tropics, stylish and practical protection from the sun."

And this one, newly released from QA, is available from my shop in Caledonia.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Fedora in grey felt


A grey felt fedora with detail inside and out. The Fedora appeared late in the Victorian era and has enjoyed cultish popularity ever since.

I am particularly pleased with this item, as it achieves a high level of realism and, as with all my hats, it is perfectly compatible with all my hair styles.

Friday 6 August 2010

A Chapeau de Bras for Blue Mars


"Chapeau de Bras", transliterated from French, means 'hat of arms'. I presume this arises from the fact that the design is collapsible and can be held under the arm, rather than that it was in origin a military hat.

The Chapeau is a Regency-era hat, and was popular among military gentlemen. The fact that the hat was collapsible also endeared it to civilians, who found it convenient to tuck the hat under one arm while attending the opera. In military form it could be flamboyantly decorated. This design has red and white ostrich plumes, a gold hatband, gold braid edging, and a red cockade. The cockade is held in place by a gold braid strap fixed by a gold button. More gold braid tumbles over the brim fore and aft. The body of the hat is black felt.

It goes without saying that this hat will work without glitching, with all my hair styles.

Sunday 1 August 2010

The "Long Eaton" Top Hat


If the Buxton top hat doesn't have quite enough swagger for you, if you hanker for a wildly swooping brim and a towering topper, then the Long Eaton is probably your hat. Despite its dangerous curves it performs to flawless glitch-free perfection with all my hairstyles, having been properly shaped by Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator.

The product description for the Long Eaton reads as follows:

"This is an outrageous top hat, extravagant and idiosyncratic and therefore perfect for Steampunk outfits, or gentlemen who demand attention."

So, should you see a bit of yourself in this, please drop by the shop in Caledonia for a look-see.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

The "Buxton" Top Hat


"This is a striking top hat, slightly rakish and therefore perfect for Regency outfits, or gentlemen with rather questionable reputations."

So sayeth the Blue Mars product description for the "Buxton". I have taken to quoting these descriptions here, because it seems that they appear nowhere in Blue Mars, curiously.

This is the third top hat in my range and, so far, the least conservative of the designs. It works with all my hair styles, thanks to my use of Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator.

Sunday 18 July 2010

The "Duffield" Top Hat


Not all top hats are the same and, as with most clothing, the variations tell a story. The "Duffield" top hat is a more restrained brother to the Ashbourne. It is slightly shorter in the crown, has a straighter and smaller brim, and the sides are less concave. It suits a proper Victorian gentleman more than a Regency dandy club regular.

The product description of the Duffield runs as follows:

"This is an understated top hat, slightly conservative and therefore perfect for Victorian outfits, or gentlemen with sober reputations to protect."

Skilled application of Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator has ensured that the Duffield works with all my hair styles.

Friday 16 July 2010

The "Derby" Bowler Hat

Bowler_Full.jpg Bowler_Bow.jpg Bowler_Brim.jpg

Here are some pictures of my just-released bowler hat. Since it is at present quite hard to get a good close-up view of clothing in Blue Mars, I have shown some details of the hat in separate pictures: the bow and the stitching of the brim. All my hats are similarly detailed.

Thanks to Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator, this hat works with all my hairstyles on the standard avatar body.

The bowler hat was worn from about 1850 up until the 1960s. Its use therefore covers more than half the Victorian era. It was never a formal hat per se, until it became identified with business dress of city gents in the 20th Century. It is just as iconic as the top hat in its own way, through its adoption by Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Steed of The Avengers, and the droogs of A Clockwork Orange.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

The "Ashbourne" Top Hat

Ashbourne_Mk_II_day.jpg Ashbourne_Mk_II_night.jpg

The Ashbourne top hat is described thus in the product description in Blue Mars:

"This is a classic top hat, neither conservative nor rakish, but perfect for evening wear, morning wear, and all periods from Regency to the present day."

The top hat has a history going back to the late 1700s, and is still worn today on most formal occasions. It has become identified with formality, and is an essential part of both morning and evening wear.

The most important point to note about this top hat is that, due to the application of Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator, it is perfectly compatible with all my hair styles. Gentlemen can be confident that wearing my hats and my hair styles together will ensure a proper appearance, free from any glitching.

My work on a top hat for Blue Mars started in May 2009. The top hat was my first project for Blue Mars, and was probably completed about October 2009, but its release has been unconscionably delayed by the late scheduling of the accessories cages in the Blue Mars cloth editor. It is therefore with something of a sigh of relief that I now place the Ashbourne on display. Visit Caledonia to see it and try it on; it's at the back of the shop.

Sunday 11 July 2010

Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator - for hats and hair that work together


Mr Magellan has developed a patent Method and Apparatus whose concerted operation provides a CERTIFIED FIT between Hair and Hat, thereby ensuring that no ill-fitting Headgear will disgrace the Blue Mars Gentleman. Based on sound Scientific Principles and EXACTING engineering Standards, Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator prescribes a truly sympathetic harmony between Coiffure and Chapeau, betwixt Mane and Mitre. No more Locks sprouting  through Sir's Bowler, GONE for eternity any unbecoming Tufts atop the Topper.

Yes, we all say! Mr Magellan's Hats and Hair are CERTIFIED mutually compatible.

But remember, there is unfortunately no Protection against Glitching with unusual body Shapes. Mr Magellan's Items are designed, tested and certified on the standard Avatar only.


Nota Bena: Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator must not be confused with the far inferior foreign  Conformator illustrated beneath. Such foreign Methods leave the Hair untouched and therefore FAIL in the Task of preserving a Gentleman's Appearance and DIGNITY.