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Sunday 26 September 2010

Gloves and gauntlets

BrownGloves.jpg BlackGloves.jpg

These new gentlemen's brown and black gloves are similar to the evening wear gloves and Regency kid gloves that I released in July.


The new large white military riding gauntlets have been on the drawing board for even longer, but it was only the advent of the new valet system for adjusting Blue Mars clothing that made them usable. It is now possible to decide whether gloves are worn under or over the sleeves of a jacket. In the case of gauntlets, they must obviously be worn over the jacket, and wearers should therefore take care to place them below their jacket in the clothing hierarchy.

I have updated my Suggested Combinations to reflect these new accessories.

Friday 30 July 2010

Regency Kid Gloves

RegencyGlovesBack.jpg RegencyGlovesInside.jpg

These gloves are the last important addition to my Regency gentleman's outfit. The gloves are short, pleated on the back, and fixed with polished amber buttons. In Regency days, gloves were always worn when out and about. Gentlemen would remove them (and their hats) when visiting, but would continue to keep them in hand for the duration of the visit.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Evening wear gloves

EveningGlovesBack.jpg EveningGlovesInside.jpg

I am extremely glad to be able to offer white gloves for evening dress. This is the final essential element of male evening dress and has been a long time coming. These gloves are short, and buttoned at the wrist with a clear crystal button.

It is said that there are two reasons that gentlemen always wear gloves as part of evening dress. The first is as a precaution against leaving marks on ladies' gowns while dancing. The second is that to have direct skin-to-skin contact while dancing would be considered scandalous. Whatever the reason, no gentlemen would ever dream of being without gloves.