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Tuesday 14 December 2010

Tables are now in the shop

Banquesting_Table.jpg Round_Table.jpg

Two Regency-style tables are now in my shop in Caledonia. The first is a large rectangular banqueting table that can sit six to ten people, the second is a smaller round table suitable for four places. Remember that most Blue Mars shelves display all merchandise in a 1-metre cube, so these items will look considerably smaller than they will appear when you place them at home. The larger table is over three metres long and the round table has a diameter of 1.68 metres.

Friday 12 November 2010

A range of period furniture

Chair_Elegant.jpg Chair_Sturdy.jpg

Today, in parallel with the unveiling of the new shop, I am releasing a range of Regency period furniture - just the sort of thing that might have been found in Victorian times, too. First, two sabre-legged chairs featuring the distinctive striped upholstery of the Regency, one elegant, the other sturdy. You can try both of them before you buy; 'live' examples are near the main door of the shop.

Writing_Desk.jpg Chest.jpg

Next, a writing desk with cabriole legs, and a matching chest.

Hatstand.jpg Skull.jpg

And also now in the shop, a bentwood hatstand and a memento mori for a gentleman's desk.