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Sunday 9 September 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...

This blog is the virtual shop window of my Blue Mars emporia, which are to be found in Caledonia and Beach City. In these shops you will find a selection of menswear both historical and contemporary, and many designs of ladies footwear. A small sample of the above are shown here:

Historical.jpg Contemporary.jpg Ladies.jpg

I also supply jewellery in the form of rings, weapons in the form of swords for both genders, ladies apparel, men's accessories, hair, items of furniture and decoration. The lady who wishes to exude a certain style, the gentleman who is particular about the authenticity and quality of his garb, the military gent, the louche habitue of clubs and the upright pillar of society should, one and all, feel that their needs are perfectly catered for at Mako Magellan's delightful and surprising establishments.

Saturday 8 January 2011

Burgundy Stiletto Court Shoes


Another in the popular range of ladies court shoes. This model has a slightly stronger texture on the upper, and has a black sole.

Thursday 12 August 2010

Ladies ruby red lace-up Victorian boots


While geometrically similar to the other two designs in this basic shape, these boots have a slightly worn look, created by modulating the specularity and adding some areas of soft discolouration. I am particularly happy with the materials of these boots.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Patent leather opera shoes for men

OperaShoes00.jpg OperaShoes01.jpg OperaShoes02.jpg

This blog did not exist when I first started releasing items in Blue Mars, and some items have therefore never been properly announced. Nothing that cannot be rectified retrospectively, of course. The very first item I uploaded was this pair of patent leather opera shoes - evening wear for men. These pictures show the shoe both with and without its sheer black silk sock (it is sold with the sock). The detail close-ups show the grosgrain bow and edging used to finish the shoe.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Ladies! New boots in leather and canvas

CanvasLeather2.jpg CanvasLeather3.jpg

These boots are made in a style that was very widespread in Victorian times: a blend of leather and canvas uppers. I've styled these boots in natural leather and khaki canvas. The eyes and aglets are in brass, the laces are highly detailed. The boots are on display in my shop in Caledonia, The city has only just been updated, so there are new buildings to see, and more in the surrounding shops. It's a good time, therefore, for a shopping trip.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Ladies Victorian Lace-up Boots

I've been working for some time on this pair of boots and I am pleased to say that they have finally reached the shop. Visit Caledonia to see them first hand.

Victorian boot - side Victorian boot - top Victorian boot - front

It was very common for Victorian ladies boots to be made out of different materials, and a patent leather toe and heel cup was fairly common. I trust that connoisseurs will appreciate the detail of the eyes, the laces, the trim and the bow.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Dark Purple - a new colour in the stiletto range

Stilleto Dark Purple

Just a quick note to let you all know that today I've released a new colour in the stiletto shoes - dark purple. It is on sale in shop No 2 in Beach City. Look sharp right as you go in through the door.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Stiletto boots in black, white and brown

LadiesBoots_Black LadiesBoots_White LadiesBoots_Brown

By popular request, I have created three styles of tall ladies boots, all in leather, and in black, white, and brown. The boots share the heel with the ladies court shoes I created a couple of weeks ago, and the general shaping of the foot is similar, though the toe is much more pointed than that of the court shoe. Another difference is that the outsole is coloured to match the uppers. I've added wrinkles at the back of the ankles and finished the shaft of the boot with a moulded top edge.

These boots should go well with the short skirts that appear to be popular in Blue Mars.

Saturday 1 May 2010

Taupe added to ladies stiletto range

Stilleto_Taupe_4_.jpg Stilleto_Dark_Red_6_.jpg Stilleto_White_5_.jpg
Stilleto_Brown_1_.jpg Stilleto_Baby_Blue_3_.jpg Stilleto_Hunter_Green_2_.jpg
I've added taupe (top left) to the range, so there are now nine colours to choose from (or collect). Shown above are six: taupe, dark red, white, brown, baby blue, and hunter green. The other three can be seen in this earlier post.

Friday 30 April 2010

Hessian boots for the Regency look

The Hessian boot is one of several garments that made a transition from military to civilian wear, and they are therefore suitable for both uniforms and gentlemen's daily wear. They became very popular during the Regency period and led to both the cowboy boot, famed in America, and the Wellington boot, a variation popularised by Wellington himself.

The heel is low, and the toes are soft, not stiffened with a shaped toecap. The leather is cut generously around the ankles, allowing plenty of flexibility, and also producing the characteristic folded effect. As a result of these features, the boots have a comfortable appearance, yet remain striking. They were made in a range of heights, reaching to just below the knee (as in the case of these designs) or only to just over mid-calf. The tops were cut in curves, and finished with braid and distinctive front tassles.

Hessians_City_Black Hessians_City_Brown Hessians_Country_Brown

I have created three different styles. The first is black, finished in a smooth and highly polished leather, and quite ideal for wear in town. The second is brown, has a slightly rougher finish, but is still highly polished, and would be suitable for a country gentleman. The third is in worn brown leather, of low sheen, and would be appropriate for a local squire, a steampunk more fascinated with his gadgetrty that his grooming, perhaps, or a hard-bitten soldier, not long from the battlefield.

As with most high boots in virtual worlds, wearers must take care over how they combine clothing. Normal trousers will neither drape over boots nor fit inside them. I therefore recommend that wearers of these Hessians combine them with breeches instead. Find them in Beach City, shops 1 and 2.

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