Beginning in the late 1800s, coats like these were used on the cattle and sheep stations of Australia, by stockmen who spent days in the saddle, often in inclement weather, and they are still common in rural Australia today. They even enjoy a certain popularity among cityfolk, too. The coats are rain- and wind-proof oilskins, and seal up tight around the neck and wrists to keep out the wet and cold. They have a couple of features to suit riders: the tails actually strap to the legs to stop them being blown up and dragged back while riding, and the back is split right up to the base of the spine so that the coat hangs properly over both flanks of the horse.

GentsRidingCoat1.jpg GentsRidingCoat2.jpg

I've released both a male and a female version, and both are available in my shops in Caledonia.

LadiesRidingCoat2.jpg LadiesRidingCoat3.jpg LadiesRidingCoat4.jpg