TrousersEveningWear.jpg TrousersPocketStripe.jpg TrousersButtonsFly.jpg

Here is a belated announcement of the second item I uploaded to Blue Mars - evening wear trousers for the "Savoy" outfit.

The trousers are made in two materials - barathea for most parts, and grosgrain for the side stripe. I created both material textures from scratch. The buttons are all individually modelled and textured. The button texture was also created from scratch. Even the backs of the buttons are properly textured. There are altogether seven buttons on the waistband; six for braces and one for the fly. Note also that the fly and side pockets are properly modelled, with recesses.

This level of detail may be too extreme even for Blue Mars, but I hope you will agree that there is a certain aesthetic satisfaction in exploring the realm of the possible.