NB: I have withdrawn this item, as it is no longer necessary. The Blue Mars clothing system now allows you to take off your shirt.


Well, how do you illustrate a shirt that cannot be seen? For that is what the No-shirt Shirt is: a shirt that cannot be seen.

And what good is a shirt that cannot be seen? It has two purposes: the No-shirt Shirt does allow men to go bare-chested, so feel free to wear it around the pool, but more important than that it allows men to dispense with the teeshirts and tanktop undershirt that often glitch with other garments. It is primarily as a relief from some forms of glitching that I offer the No-shirt Shirt. I first noticed the need for this with my morning trousers (though they have since been adjusted and do not require the No-shirt Shirt for glitch-free wear). However, with custom avatars the glitching can only be more unpredictable, and wearing the No-shirt Shirt may therefore be a good way to avoid unforeseeable glitching.

And since it would be hard to know whether an invisible shirt was on the shelf I have created the No-shirt Shirt with a floating display image. Look for this on a shelf: