Mr Magellan has developed a patent Method and Apparatus whose concerted operation provides a CERTIFIED FIT between Hair and Hat, thereby ensuring that no ill-fitting Headgear will disgrace the Blue Mars Gentleman. Based on sound Scientific Principles and EXACTING engineering Standards, Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator prescribes a truly sympathetic harmony between Coiffure and Chapeau, betwixt Mane and Mitre. No more Locks sprouting  through Sir's Bowler, GONE for eternity any unbecoming Tufts atop the Topper.

Yes, we all say! Mr Magellan's Hats and Hair are CERTIFIED mutually compatible.

But remember, there is unfortunately no Protection against Glitching with unusual body Shapes. Mr Magellan's Items are designed, tested and certified on the standard Avatar only.


Nota Bena: Magellan's Patent Cranial Ordinator must not be confused with the far inferior foreign  Conformator illustrated beneath. Such foreign Methods leave the Hair untouched and therefore FAIL in the Task of preserving a Gentleman's Appearance and DIGNITY.