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All four of my men's hairstyles have been upgraded, with a very specific and important goal in mind - compatibility with hats. Carefully avoiding the term 'hair replacement', I should point out that these are not new products, per se, but are most certainly intended as upgrades to previous versions. All I have done is make small changes so that the hair will not glitch with hats, and owners of these styles may not even notice the differences. Does this change indicate that hats may soon be in the shops? You might well think so!

It is a good time to outline my policy in regard to upgrades. If you own one of my products and you notice that the version number (I use a number system like this: Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, etc) of that item in the shop is higher than that of the item you own, you are entitled to an upgrade, and you are also free to keep the previous version too, just in case you like having the choice of both. At present I am unable to give free transfers, but if you contact me, I will arrange for a transfer of the latest version to you at the current minimum price of ß50. We will have to meet in my shop to do this.

In future, I hope that providing upgrades becomes an automatic process, and that it will be cost-free, but for now, in these days of beta, that remains a dream.