The title of the post is the message; all I can add in the body is a few details to fill out the story.

Shop, from the hub Shop, and the man who created it

My new shop is right beside the hub or landing place in Caledonia, just to the left as you arrive. It is fully stocked with men's hair, jackets, trousers and footwear. At least four completely unique outfits are possible, and with variations, of course, a lot more can be put together. Styles cover, as might be expected, Regency to Edwardian.

Shop, window displays, too Shop, interior displays

The shop building is loosely based on the little shops in Burlington Arcade in London, and a few details have been borrowed from other Regency buildings. It is deliberately modest, as an antidote to ostentatious and grandiose trends in virtual 'main shops', and is meant to be in keeping with a small town. Of course, given the discerning nature of the clientele, a few Doric pedestals and the finest silk were only to be expected.

Shop, Mr Shang and I discussing business Shop, the ladies Anansi and Gray join us

The shop can claim to be the first of its kind anywhere in Blue Mars: a building and interior layout created by a mere tenant shopkeeper. All other shops have so far been the creations of city developers.

All ladies footwear remains on sale in shops 1 and 2 in Beach City.