Regency_Preview__11_.jpg Regency_Preview__12_.jpg

Here's the Regency gentleman's tailcoat in midnight blue, and a soldier's version in red, too.

The gentleman's coat has a velvety finish, with a high black collar. The coat is double-breasted, with cloth-covered buttons. The tails of the coat are in a swallow-tail style and divided down the middle, the sleeves are puffed at the shoulder and rather tight at the wrist. Under the coat is a buff-coloured waistcoat, beneath that is a white shirt, and around the neck is a white neckcloth tied in the Irish style, perhaps. This ensemble combines very well with the Regency breeches in buckskin, and the brown Hessian boots. As soon as hats and gloves are feasible in Blue Mars, I shall be adding them to the range.

The second tailcoat to be released today is the same in cut, but there are a few key differences. The most obvious is colour, as this coat is in a suitably martial red. The buttons are brass, the coat cuffs are black to match the collar. The waistcoat is similar in colour to that of the gentleman's outfit, as is the shirt, but the neckcloth is black, as favoured by soldiers of the era. This coat combines well with the Military breeches with side stripe, and the black Hessian boots. This outfit would look well with a chapeau de bras - so there is something to look out for.

At the moment, the gentleman's outfit is on display. Due to current space limitations, I cannot also show the soldier's outfit, but I shall be swapping them around fairly regularly.