The Hessian boot is one of several garments that made a transition from military to civilian wear, and they are therefore suitable for both uniforms and gentlemen's daily wear. They became very popular during the Regency period and led to both the cowboy boot, famed in America, and the Wellington boot, a variation popularised by Wellington himself.

The heel is low, and the toes are soft, not stiffened with a shaped toecap. The leather is cut generously around the ankles, allowing plenty of flexibility, and also producing the characteristic folded effect. As a result of these features, the boots have a comfortable appearance, yet remain striking. They were made in a range of heights, reaching to just below the knee (as in the case of these designs) or only to just over mid-calf. The tops were cut in curves, and finished with braid and distinctive front tassles.

Hessians_City_Black Hessians_City_Brown Hessians_Country_Brown

I have created three different styles. The first is black, finished in a smooth and highly polished leather, and quite ideal for wear in town. The second is brown, has a slightly rougher finish, but is still highly polished, and would be suitable for a country gentleman. The third is in worn brown leather, of low sheen, and would be appropriate for a local squire, a steampunk more fascinated with his gadgetrty that his grooming, perhaps, or a hard-bitten soldier, not long from the battlefield.

As with most high boots in virtual worlds, wearers must take care over how they combine clothing. Normal trousers will neither drape over boots nor fit inside them. I therefore recommend that wearers of these Hessians combine them with breeches instead. Find them in Beach City, shops 1 and 2.