Formal and period menswear for the virtual world of Blue Mars

Top Hat Photo

Blue Mars is an online virtual world of sophisticated design. I have been designing clothing and other items for Blue Mars since early 2009.

The history of fashion on Mars is a playful idea, but one worth taking a little seriously. For the gentlemen colonists of Blue Mars I provide authentically styled attire rekindling terrestrial eras starting with the Regency, through the age of the Victorians, to Edwardian days. And so, the emphasis is on line, silhouette, contrast and proportion. Not included in my plans are the temptations of flamboyance, gadgetry, embroidery or caprice.

If I have a favourite period, it is the Regency. In contrast to Victorian times it was more elegant and less hypocritical, more forgiving of wild living and less inclined to fuss. Regency architecture was, and remains, classically proportioned and restful, a paragon of simplicity. The clothes of Regency men are still today considered a romantic ideal, while those of the women were soft, feminine, comfortable and flowing, like the drapery of greek statuary, and unlike the dark, heavy, unflattering bulk of Victorianism.

Please do pay a visit. My premises are in Caledonia.

Mako Magellan