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Friday 12 November 2010

A range of period furniture

Chair_Elegant.jpg Chair_Sturdy.jpg

Today, in parallel with the unveiling of the new shop, I am releasing a range of Regency period furniture - just the sort of thing that might have been found in Victorian times, too. First, two sabre-legged chairs featuring the distinctive striped upholstery of the Regency, one elegant, the other sturdy. You can try both of them before you buy; 'live' examples are near the main door of the shop.

Writing_Desk.jpg Chest.jpg

Next, a writing desk with cabriole legs, and a matching chest.

Hatstand.jpg Skull.jpg

And also now in the shop, a bentwood hatstand and a memento mori for a gentleman's desk.

Mako Magellan opens (wider still) in Caledonia


My shops in Caledonia have been swallowed up by a larger single one. This picture above shows it from the outside, appearing, upon a casual glance, as a Regency terrace of three little shops, edged in sandstone and rendered white. On the inside, however, the style is slightly less homely, with the full range of clothing, all in one place, and even a few other items that deserve an announcement of their own, following hard on the heels of this one. Below, a general picture of the interior, and one of me at my desk, taking the weight off my feet after the hustle-bustle of the preparations.

BigShop_5_.jpg Bigshop_3_.jpg

Thursday 4 November 2010

All coats have been upgraded

Avatar Reality released a new cage last week, one which is for long coats for men. This significantly improves the mesh deformation of coats, and I have therefore remade all my coats to take advantage of this.

Coat_Soldier.jpg Coat_Gentleman.jpg

This includes both Regency-style coats.

Coat_Frockcoat.jpg Coat_evening_wear.jpg

Both morning wear and evening wear coats have been upgraded, too.


As has the Australian-style riding coat.

Sunday 17 October 2010

A profusion of pants

Casual_Trousers_Maroon.jpg Casual_Trousers_Deep_Green.jpg Casual_Trousers_Brown.jpg Casual_Trousers_Navy.jpg

Following the recent announcement of the casual trousers in charcoal, I announce four more colours in the same style: maroon, deep green, brown, and navy blue. With these colours, combined with shirts here and here we have all we need to look like 999 (and that is not a typographically incorrect allusion to Get Smart, but a musical reference connected to the following decade).

I've made room for all of these trousers, plus the original charcoal and all the shirts, in my shop in Caledonia.

Friday 15 October 2010

Tux redux

Dinner3.jpg Valet.jpg

Here's a look at the modern evening wear items all worn together. I have added this ensemble to the Suggested Combinations page.

The key to putting together an outfit in Blue Mars (at the time of writing) is adjusting the relative position of the garments in the clothing hierarchy, so that the inner clothing does not appear through the outer clothing. To the right is a partial screendump showing how I have arranged this outfit. The first point to note is that the jacket and trousers (marked B) are kept far apart, so that they glitch as little as possible, across the widest range of animations. There are two provisos to this, however. Shoes must be placed closer to the body than the pants, as one might expect. Secondly, the bow tie must be placed further from the body than the jacket. This is so that its wings appear to rest above the lapels. If the bow tie were made part of the shirt (which must, obviously, be placed closer to the body than the jacket) then the tie would appear to dip beneath the lapels in a very unrealistic way. That is the reason for keeping shirt and tie as separate garments, and the reason why the tie is defined as an outer garment. You may need to remember that when you go looking for it in inventory.

The spaces between the trousers and jacket are where everything else needs to go - hair, shirt, hat, gloves, etc. In this example, only my shirt and hair are there.

It certainly pays to become adept at arranging your Blue Mars clothing. This system is not just a good way to minimise glitching, it also offers greater flexibility when putting together outfits from multiple developers.

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Casual trousers in charcoal


These trousers are close-fitted, flat-fronted, with side pockets. The pockets and flies are properly recessed and shaded. I am also pretty happy with the way the legs appear to crumple above the shoes. You'll have to log in and head for Beach City to see that, though.

Monday 11 October 2010

Four casual shirts for Blue Mars

ShirtGreenStripe.jpg ShirtDarkKhaki.jpg ShirtPurpleStripe.jpg ShirtCyanCheck.jpg

Four more casual shirts to supplement the three I released recently. All seven are to be found in Beach City.

Saturday 9 October 2010

A modern take on evening wear

DJ.jpg Sidestripe_Trousers.jpg Bow_Tie.jpg Evening_Shirt.jpg

Although 'modern' refers to a look that was more prevalent fifty years ago than today, today I release an outfit in four parts: dinner jacket, trousers, bow tie and shirt. This is a look popularised in the early James Bond films: white or cream-coloured jacket, white shirt, and contrasting trousers and bow tie. All items are available in my shop in Caledonia, but you may have to look hard for the bow tie. Because of its small size it is quite hard to see, but rest assured it is there in the space below the shirt, and just to the right of the trousers.

There is huge variability in the design of dinner jackets. They can be black or white, single- or double-breasted, have 1, 2, 4, or 6 buttons, have notched, peaked or shawl lapels, be vented or unvented, and even button right-over-left as well as left-over-right. You can see from the picture above just which design decisions I took. Mine is a very simple jacket - pocketless, without buttonhole and with only two buttons, both on the breast and at the cuffs. The buttons are made from a dark polished stone. The bow tie is also simple, an unpatterned black velvet. The trousers are pleated at the front, and have a black braid side stripe running down each leg. The shirt is a close-fitting type, with black studs that match the jacket buttons.

The new clothing system in Blue Mars has made this outfit possible. In earlier days it was necessary to combine jackets, shirts and ties, but they can now be separated, which certainly allows for greater flexibility. Note that the tie can sit over the lapels of the jacket, if it has been positioned that way in the valet system.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Three casual men's shirts, in red, green and blue

ShirtClaret.jpg ShirtGreenCheck.jpg ShirtBlueStripe.jpg

One plain, one checked, and one striped. These shirts are meant to be worn without a jacket; they are untucked, as is clear in the pictures, and they are rather loose-fitting around the middle. I am getting a bit pressed for space, so I have displayed all three at Beach City.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

All remaining suit jackets have been upgraded

SuitJacketPinstriped.jpg SuitJacketWhite.jpg SuitJacketBlue.jpg

The pinstriped, white and blue suit jackets all now share the roomier fit and other improvements of the hooped jacket. Any customers who own one of these jackets, if you have not already seen a message from me, are asked to get in touch so that I can arrange to pass you your new jacket.

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