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Sunday 9 September 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...

This blog is the virtual shop window of my Blue Mars emporia, which are to be found in Caledonia and Beach City. In these shops you will find a selection of menswear both historical and contemporary, and many designs of ladies footwear. A small sample of the above are shown here:

Historical.jpg Contemporary.jpg Ladies.jpg

I also supply jewellery in the form of rings, weapons in the form of swords for both genders, ladies apparel, men's accessories, hair, items of furniture and decoration. The lady who wishes to exude a certain style, the gentleman who is particular about the authenticity and quality of his garb, the military gent, the louche habitue of clubs and the upright pillar of society should, one and all, feel that their needs are perfectly catered for at Mako Magellan's delightful and surprising establishments.

Friday 11 March 2011

Mako Magellan in Beach City


Although my newest shop arrived some weeks ago, I was not able to see the effects myself for some time, due to a few travel hiccoughs and interplanetary high jinks. Notwithstanding all that, herewith, and without further unconscionable delay, a photograph of the new Mako Magellan edifice in the recently opened developers' field at Beach City (in the location designated NL04).


The shop has a limited range of my items in menswear, ladieswear, and accessories.

Friday 12 November 2010

Mako Magellan opens (wider still) in Caledonia


My shops in Caledonia have been swallowed up by a larger single one. This picture above shows it from the outside, appearing, upon a casual glance, as a Regency terrace of three little shops, edged in sandstone and rendered white. On the inside, however, the style is slightly less homely, with the full range of clothing, all in one place, and even a few other items that deserve an announcement of their own, following hard on the heels of this one. Below, a general picture of the interior, and one of me at my desk, taking the weight off my feet after the hustle-bustle of the preparations.

BigShop_5_.jpg Bigshop_3_.jpg

Thursday 24 June 2010

Mako Magellan opens (even wider) in Caledonia

Several changes have taken place in Caledonia, Blue Mars. From a cursory perusal of the photographs below it will be seen that I've expanded both upwards and sideways. A new ladies shoe shop now sits to the left of the original menswear shop. Both buildings have an extra storey, though I am yet to decide what to do upstairs. You will also see that the ladies shoe shop is easily identified by a golden stiletto sign attached to its corner.

Shops in Caledonia Ladies Shoe Shop Frontage

The interiors of both shops are furnished. There are plenty of chairs in the ladies shoe shop, and I now have my desk and chair in the men's shop. You may also notice that two large framed signs now adorn the walls. These may be clicked to take you directly to the Suggested Combinations page of this journal, wherein you will find what I hope are useful suggestions for putting together outfits.

Ladies Shoe Shop Interior Menswear Shop Interior

Thursday 10 June 2010

Mako Magellan opens in Caledonia

The title of the post is the message; all I can add in the body is a few details to fill out the story.

Shop, from the hub Shop, and the man who created it

My new shop is right beside the hub or landing place in Caledonia, just to the left as you arrive. It is fully stocked with men's hair, jackets, trousers and footwear. At least four completely unique outfits are possible, and with variations, of course, a lot more can be put together. Styles cover, as might be expected, Regency to Edwardian.

Shop, window displays, too Shop, interior displays

The shop building is loosely based on the little shops in Burlington Arcade in London, and a few details have been borrowed from other Regency buildings. It is deliberately modest, as an antidote to ostentatious and grandiose trends in virtual 'main shops', and is meant to be in keeping with a small town. Of course, given the discerning nature of the clientele, a few Doric pedestals and the finest silk were only to be expected.

Shop, Mr Shang and I discussing business Shop, the ladies Anansi and Gray join us

The shop can claim to be the first of its kind anywhere in Blue Mars: a building and interior layout created by a mere tenant shopkeeper. All other shops have so far been the creations of city developers.

All ladies footwear remains on sale in shops 1 and 2 in Beach City.