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Thursday 4 November 2010

All coats have been upgraded

Avatar Reality released a new cage last week, one which is for long coats for men. This significantly improves the mesh deformation of coats, and I have therefore remade all my coats to take advantage of this.

Coat_Soldier.jpg Coat_Gentleman.jpg

This includes both Regency-style coats.

Coat_Frockcoat.jpg Coat_evening_wear.jpg

Both morning wear and evening wear coats have been upgraded, too.


As has the Australian-style riding coat.

Sunday 17 October 2010

A profusion of pants

Casual_Trousers_Maroon.jpg Casual_Trousers_Deep_Green.jpg Casual_Trousers_Brown.jpg Casual_Trousers_Navy.jpg

Following the recent announcement of the casual trousers in charcoal, I announce four more colours in the same style: maroon, deep green, brown, and navy blue. With these colours, combined with shirts here and here we have all we need to look like 999 (and that is not a typographically incorrect allusion to Get Smart, but a musical reference connected to the following decade).

I've made room for all of these trousers, plus the original charcoal and all the shirts, in my shop in Caledonia.

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Casual trousers in charcoal


These trousers are close-fitted, flat-fronted, with side pockets. The pockets and flies are properly recessed and shaded. I am also pretty happy with the way the legs appear to crumple above the shoes. You'll have to log in and head for Beach City to see that, though.

Monday 11 October 2010

Four casual shirts for Blue Mars

ShirtGreenStripe.jpg ShirtDarkKhaki.jpg ShirtPurpleStripe.jpg ShirtCyanCheck.jpg

Four more casual shirts to supplement the three I released recently. All seven are to be found in Beach City.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Three casual men's shirts, in red, green and blue

ShirtClaret.jpg ShirtGreenCheck.jpg ShirtBlueStripe.jpg

One plain, one checked, and one striped. These shirts are meant to be worn without a jacket; they are untucked, as is clear in the pictures, and they are rather loose-fitting around the middle. I am getting a bit pressed for space, so I have displayed all three at Beach City.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

All remaining suit jackets have been upgraded

SuitJacketPinstriped.jpg SuitJacketWhite.jpg SuitJacketBlue.jpg

The pinstriped, white and blue suit jackets all now share the roomier fit and other improvements of the hooped jacket. Any customers who own one of these jackets, if you have not already seen a message from me, are asked to get in touch so that I can arrange to pass you your new jacket.

Saturday 2 October 2010

An upgraded suit jacket (and a mea culpa)


I've just released Mk II of the jacket for the hooped suit I released a few days ago. This is essentially a correction; I found that no matter what steps I took inworld to minimise glitching, there was just too much, and so there was nothing else for it but to release a new version of the jacket with a slightly roomier fit around the shoulders and elbows. There is always some compromise to be made with clothing, and in this case I just went too far with the tailored fit. That problem, however, is now solved, and I have contacted all customers who bought this jacket to arrange their upgrade. Furthermore, corrected versions of all the other jackets in the range will be available next week, and customers of those will be equally entitled to the upgrade. I apologise for the inconvenience.

And good news: the jacket is improved in ways other than fit. The pockets are better defined. The lapels are sharper. There is more symmetry in the overall design. The seams are better drawn. The silhouette is smoother, and the buttoning is now the more traditional left-over-right. Of course, if you prefer the earlier version, you will always now have the choice.

Thursday 30 September 2010

Navy blue shirt with maroon tie


Here's another contemporary item, a dark shirt-and-tie combination - pictured almost entirely covered by a white jacket. So, for the curious, here's another picture of the combination on its own:


Tuesday 28 September 2010

Double-breasted white suit


If your vanity has a touch of the bonfire about it, you might like to don the new white suit - double-breasted, tailored, and with pleated trousers.


Of course, if the full 'Tom Wolfe' look is what you are after, these items might be the right stuff to add:

Sunday 26 September 2010

Gloves and gauntlets

BrownGloves.jpg BlackGloves.jpg

These new gentlemen's brown and black gloves are similar to the evening wear gloves and Regency kid gloves that I released in July.


The new large white military riding gauntlets have been on the drawing board for even longer, but it was only the advent of the new valet system for adjusting Blue Mars clothing that made them usable. It is now possible to decide whether gloves are worn under or over the sleeves of a jacket. In the case of gauntlets, they must obviously be worn over the jacket, and wearers should therefore take care to place them below their jacket in the clothing hierarchy.

I have updated my Suggested Combinations to reflect these new accessories.

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